Welcome to Team Purple MN. We are just get getting started but know that we are here to elect the best leaders for Minnesota and hold them accountable while in office to the highest standard of leadership and performance.

Minnesota is turning purple. It typically votes for statewide office for both Republicans and Democrats, and both parties are targeting races in Minnesota in 2018 and 2020.  In addition, both houses of the Minnesota State Legislature are up for grabs, and will play a far more important role over the next four years; not only do state issues more directly impact people’s lives, but with the census coming in 2020, the battle of state legislative districting will be intense and play a huge part in government over the next 10 years.

TeamPurple-MN works to provide information on elections, governance and improving the public discourse. We seek to elevate the civic dialogue by relaying campaign information, candidate stated positions, provide polling and demographic data for individual districts and provide reports and stories from other outlets regarding races in our state.

We also want to help you get involved in local government.  Local government has the most direct impact on our lives and knowing how to get involved and stay involved locally helps form the backbone of our communities.