We at Team Purple appreciate good governance.  That means different things to different people but in a nutshell, it’s choosing practical management and stewardship of the public trust over ideological dogma.  If you want to even get more specific, it’s going against your party to do the right thing for your district and your constituents.

Sadly, this happens less than you think.  It’s a lot HARDER than most people realize.  That’s part of politics.  Nonetheless, it DOES happen, and we want to give special recognition to those elected individuals who go out of their way to do the right thing in office.  Because when we support people who buck the party trend, we encourage better public governance for all.

Would you like to nominate an elected official for a particular act of political courage?  Contact us at TeamPurple and we’ll consider it and, if it merits, award that legislator with a TeamPurple Recognition Award on the Website.