Have you ever wondered why democrats are symbolized by donkeys and republicans elephants?  When someone says “Wag the dog” do you feel like a collie wondering whether you should bark or roll over?  Does remembering the Eighth Amendment remind you of “cruel and unusual punishment?”

Well fear not!  We’re here to help.  We’re starting a political explainer page to get into some of those random, shorthand/lingo/references that causes many an eye to glaze over.  So read on!  The next time you watch Jeopardy! or drop “enumerated powers” into casual conversation, let them know you learned it here.

So you want to know about…

1/21/2019- Revisiting the 1976 Election

1/3/2019- Let’s talk about the Debt and PAYGO

12/26- Is Trump the Worst President Ever?

12/17- Overturning Election Results Before the Next Admin Comes In– Let’s talk about Marbury v. Madison.

12/10- Political Sex Scandals

11/26- Presidential Pardons

10/25- Guy Fawkes and Blowing up Government

10/21- The “Lizard People” Ballots

10/14- The 13th Amendment, or Why Kanye is an Idiot. 

10/11- Politics and Horror Films

10/9- Proportionate Senate Representation

10/1- Impeachment

9/21- The 25th Amendment

9/19- “Borking” a Supreme Court Pick

9/5- “Crossing the Rubicon”

8/23- “Straw Men Arguments”

8/1- Why are Republicans Elephants, and Democrats Donkeys?

7/31- Those annoying “I approve this message” disclaimers.

7/30-  “The Wizard of Oz”

7/29-  “The Emperor Has No Clothes”

7/22- “Swift Boating”



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